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What Types And Standards Are There In The Tray

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 31, 2017

According to the material, use, table, forklift fork entry mode and structure, the tray has various types. Especially in some occasions that require fast operation, many countries have developed many basic terms involving pallets, because pallets are highly efficient, safe and stable.

A variety of special pallets. Such as plate glass container tray, tires special tray, long size tray and special tray for oil barrel.

It is because of the variety of tray, has extensive application and play a decisive role in the joint, efficiency in handling, storage, transport and packaging and other logistics links, in the center position, has the function of cohesion is very important, so, the tray is a small appliance, but its size that is the core of packaging size, size, unit size of the car. Only the size of pallet is the standard, deciding the specification, size and serialization standard of packaging, truck carriages, railway carriages, container cases and so on, which can best reflect the rationality and efficiency of handling, storing, transporting and packing. In addition to this, the size of the tray is also related to the size of the assembly unit. Pallet size and relates to a packaging unit size, truck, railway freight cars, warehouse shelves and channel size, even to the logistics infrastructure, such as the standard size of the train station, port, dock and cargo handling space structure, loading and unloading equipment. Therefore, in a sense, the standardization of pallets is not only a prerequisite for pallet rental, pallet circulation and recycling, but also a decisive factor for mechanization and automation of handling, packaging, transportation and storage operations. Without the uniform size of pallets and sizes, there is no serialization standard of pallet based facilities, equipment, devices, tools and so on. Only partial logistics rationalization is achieved, and it is difficult to achieve the rationalization of overall logistics. Because of this, unified tray specifications to maximize the cost of logistics, will naturally become the common desire of the logistics industry.

In spite of this, but as the pallet standard affect different regions and groups of countries, economic interests, balance of interests in the tray on the issue, almost impossible in a short period of time, some of which have been in pallet specifications some regions and countries in the implementation has not been possible to compromise and concession.