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What Are The Safety Inspection Items For Forklift Trucks

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 15, 2018

Protection system

1 the seat is good and solid.

2 the safety standards for the lighting of the work and maintenance places are reached.

3 to protect the driver's top of the frame, and do not obstruct the driver's sight.

4 gear, pulley and other transmission devices should be protected outside.

Lighting system and credit system

The 1 headlights are normally illuminated, and the beams are parallel and uniform.

2 light lights are normal.

3 brake light is effective.

The 4 direction light is normal.

The 5 trumpet sound loud.

6 the traffic buzzer is normal.

Brake system

1 the total pump storage fluid is normal, the brake hose has no rupture, no oil leakage and gas resistance.

2 pipe without air, the pedal free travel is normal, the brake pipeline is non - permeable oil.

3 the tire pressure is normal, the brake friction plate is in good contact, without oil pollution, hardening or rivet exposure.

The 4 wheel brake is reliable and effective, the oil back hole is not blocked, and the skin bowl and skin ring are not damaged.

5 the action is reliable and effective.

6 hand brake is effective and reliable.

steering system

The 1 steering wheel is flexible, the tire pressure is normal, the turning arm does not bend, and the steering oil cylinder is not short of oil.

2 before and after the bridge should be parallel to the oil road without leakage, horizontal, straight pull rod ball, rocker arm is not loose, the front beam is accurate.

The free travel of the 3 steering wheel is normal.

4 the oil tank is normal, the suction pipe or the oil filter is not clogged.

The 5 steering bridge has no displacement, collision deformation and fracture phenomenon.

Transmission and driving system

1 the torque converter works well.

2 drive shaft bolt complete, no loose phenomenon, drive bridge oil temperature normal, no difference.

The 3 tire bolts are not loose.

4 the brake wheel of the internal combustion engine is firmly connected with the differential, and the lock is reliable, and there is no crack and oil leakage.

Hydraulic and lifting system

1 hydraulic control rod works normally have an easy control in the matter.

2 non seepage oil and oil leakage in hydraulic circuit;

There is no crack in the 3 cylinder, and the cylinder plug retracting of the cylinder must not be more than 3mm. when bearing heavy objects.

No cracks in the shell of 4 hydraulic distributor,

The 5 main and side roller moving normal grinding clamping phenomenon has nothing to do. There is no crack and defect in the pulley and pulley shaft, and the wear of the wheel groove is not more than 10% of the original thickness, and the rotation of the pulley is flexible.

6 the goods fork, the shelf without deformation, bending, damage.

The 7 heavy chains are not broken, the length and the length are the same; the chain plate and the shaft should be free of crack and deformation.

There is no crack in the 8 door frame, and the inside and outside door frame is flexible and has no sticking site.

Other matters

1 should be operated by voucher.

2 drivers should wear safety helmets in their work

3 forklift is not allowed to use the main order controller to change direction.

4 forklift trucks are strictly prohibited.

5 the drivers should observe and confirm the rear conditions and then reverse the car.

6 when a forklift has a crowd in front of the forklift, a signal should be sent out at a place of 5 meters from the crowd.

7 when the car stops, the fork is flat on the ground, and the fork lift is not allowed to stop or cross.

8 parking should be tightened hand brake lever, cut off the lock key is in charge of special circuit, prohibit the use of others.

9 strictly prohibit drinking and driving, not to eat and talk on the way.

The rise height of the 10 fork must not exceed the full height of 2/3. The height of the forks should not be more than 0.5mm at operation.

11, the speed of the forklift truck in the factory is less than or equal to 5km. The entry and exit workshop, storehouse door and speed are less than or equal to 5km. The speed of the workshop is less than or equal to 3km.

12 trucks in operation or not stop, not climb jump.

13 forklift trucks are strictly prohibited from overloading, super long and ultra wide, and the rolling items must be fasten firmly.

When the 14 forklift is driving on the road, it is not allowed to lift or reduce the fork freely. The fork should be as low as possible.

15 should not be parked on a section with a slope greater than 5%

16 maintain and maintain every hydraulic rod regularly to prevent rust.