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The Method Of Choosing Jack

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

1. Confirmation of the required force (tonnage), the recommended hydraulic jack to choose the tonnage of 20% higher than the load.

2. The body height and the stroke according to the working condition request, selects the appropriate body height and the necessary stroke

3. Use frequencies to distinguish between maintenance and industrial grades according to operating conditions, if used in the production or particularly high frequency use of hydraulic jacks.

4. High temperature or anti-corrosion requirements according to the actual operating conditions, the high temperature or anti-corrosion requirements, the use of special surface treatment and special materials sealing elements

5. Hydraulic jack is required to resist bias load can choose special bearing design or optional to tilt the saddle of hydraulic jack.

6. Do you need a long time to keep the load choose Self-Locking hydraulic jack

7. Need to select thin jack in narrow space work

8. Need to pass through hydraulic jack to choose hollow Jack