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Technical Development Direction Of Palletizing Vehicle

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 31, 2017

Improve operation performance

Open door frame, precise control of cargo fork, light operation and self inspection of fault can reduce the fatigue of the operator, improve the efficiency and make the vehicle easy to operate.

In addition to the positioning accuracy of the fork, the driver's operation view will also affect the efficiency and safety of the operation in the operation of a pallet car. There are many ways to improve the vision in the design, such as the eye color of the fork tip, the design of the fork and the fork frame with a hollowing out design. In this way, the position of the fork position can not be judged by the fork plate blocking the driver's line of sight in the second floor operation. [2]

Improve flexibility

The purpose of improving the flexibility of stacker is to improve its applicability to narrow space. There are two specific measures. One is to minimize the minimum width and the minimum turning radius. The two is to reduce the body width and the longitudinal dimension. When turning at 90 degrees, the vehicle size is as small as possible, and the fork length should not exceed the length of the pallet, so as to minimize the turning radius of the vehicle and satisfy the driving safety.

When the vehicle is running normally, the handle must be tilted to a certain angle in the tail direction. At this time, the handle may exceed the turning radius of the vehicle, causing the operator to be squeezed between the vehicle and the rack, causing a safety accident. For this reason, some vehicles have erected vertical driving function. In the upright position of the handle, by pressing a dedicated button and accelerating the switch at the same time, the vehicle can be controlled, so that the turning of the narrow passage vehicle can be completed. [2]

Enhanced security

With the widespread use of stacker trucks in various fields, the safety problem of stacking cars is becoming more and more important. Ensuring the safety of operators is an important issue for designers. Safety includes the safety of the operator and the safety of the stacker. The stacking car has provided the operator with the maximum safety factor in the design and minimizes the risk of damage to the stacker. The development and application of electronic control technology makes the research on the safety of stacked vehicle develop to the direction of intelligence. Such as emergency reverse, sensing system, interlocking speed limit of pedal protection, lifting speed limit speed and so on, further guarantee the safety of the stacker. In addition, the design and application of multi speed mode functions also improve safety to a certain extent. For example, in narrow space, tortoise speed mode can be adopted to improve operation accuracy and enhance safety. [2]

Pay attention to the design of appearance

When customers use an electric stacker, the demand for the appearance of the vehicle is becoming more and more important. Good design can improve the operating efficiency of the operator. Large slope, soft and hard lines combined with rich color matching, make the stacker model more concise and beautiful, rich muscle sense. The use of advanced design means and manufacturing technology such as virtual prototype design and 3D solid modeling make the modeling of stacking car more and more new and characteristic.

The constant change of customers and market has promoted the development of battery pallet trucks, ensuring the safety and convenience of customers in design is the goal pursued by designers. With regard to the design points and technological development trend of stacking cars, in addition to the above points, more energy saving, environmental protection, precise electronic control technology, reducing the cost of use and maintenance, and meeting the requirements of personalized customization will also become a new direction for the design and technology development of stacking cars. [2]