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Safety Operation Specification For Jacks

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

1 before use, should check the parts are intact, the oil is clean. The safety bolt of the hydraulic jack is damaged, or the screw and rack of the rack jack is not used when the abrasion of the tooth is up to 20%.

2 The jack should be set in the flat, solid, and Mat flat.

3 The jack must be perpendicular to the load surface, the top and the weight of the contact between the surface should be added to the anti-slip pad.

4 The jack is strictly prohibited to use overload, must not be lengthened the handle, must not exceed the prescribed number operation.

5 when used, no person shall stand in front of the safety bolt.

6 in the process of ascension, should be with the weight of the rise in the weight of the safety cushion, to reach the top of the height of the weight should be timely to cushion.

7 The lifting capacity of the jack should not be less than twice times the load of two or more jacks at the same time as the lifting of an object. The top of the promotion should be unified command by the person to ensure that the lifting speed of the hoisting Jack and the force basically consistent.

8 The lifting height of the hydraulic jack shall not exceed the limit sign line; the lifting height of the spiral and rack-type Jack shall not exceed 3/4 of the screw or rack height.

9 The Jack shall not withstand the load under prolonged unattended care.

10 The lifting speed of the jack must be slow, strictly prohibited under the load of the situation to make it suddenly dropped.