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Production And Marketing Demand Forecast And Transformation And Upgrading Analysis Report Of China's Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 15, 2018

Due to the improvement of industrial production automation and the expansion of production scale, as well as the huge impact of material handling cost on profit in the production process, more and more large-scale, efficient and automated material handling machines are being used in production. With the increasing competitiveness of material handling equipment manufacturers in the international market and the market demand for sustained and stable economic development in developing countries, the overall demand for materials handling machinery in the world market will continue to grow.

The material handling equipment manufacturing industry provides a variety of modern handling equipment for the national economy, major construction projects and national defense safety. At present, China material handling equipment manufacturing industry has a certain scale and level, the basic form of the technical system of comprehensive product range, good and large enterprise groups, has become an independent industry in the machinery industry, service in the national economy, including the second and the third industry provides a huge number and variety the product, independently or in cooperation with foreign countries to provide large hoisting equipment and system for national key project, and there is a certain amount of export.

According to the National Bureau of statistics, 2011 Chinese material handling equipment manufacturing industry scale (annual income of 20 million yuan) of more than 1580 enterprises, employing more than 400 thousand people; the industry achieved sales revenue of 472 billion 347 million yuan, total industrial output value of 471 billion 223 million yuan, total profit of 34 billion 150 million yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of more than 20%. With the expansion of production scale and the improvement of automation, material handling equipment manufacturing industry is applied more and more widely in modern production process.

The basic competition pattern of the domestic material handling machinery Market: high-end market is mainly occupied by multinational enterprises, domestic large enterprises focus also gained some market in some specific areas; in the end market participants including large enterprises and a few domestic manufacturing technology, excellent management level of small and medium-sized enterprises; many small scale and weak poor management of enterprises, lack of product innovation, product quality is not high, low added value, poor economic benefit, in the low-end market, fierce competition.

From 12th Five-Year to 2020, it is an important period for China to carry out the strategy of sustainable development of national economy, promote the development of circular economy, take the road of new industrialization and lay the foundation for building a resource conserving and environment-friendly society. Paying great attention to the role of logistics in society and enterprises, and vigorously developing modern logistics industry are of great significance for promoting and upgrading the development of industry, improving the quality and efficiency of economic operation, enhancing the comprehensive national strength and competitiveness of enterprises. The material handling equipment manufacturing industry, which provides a large amount of equipment for the second and third industries, is an effective carrier. The rapid and steady development of the national economy and the promotion of information and industrialization of basic industries provide the best development opportunities for the material handling equipment manufacturing industry.

From the view of the development of the manufacturing industry of material handling equipment, the development of the industry has a certain linear trend. Therefore, the report uses the two exponential smoothing forecast model to predict the development trend of China's material handling equipment manufacturing industry in the next five years. During the "12th Five-Year" period, China's material handling equipment manufacturing industry achieved a total sales income of 3 trillion and 184 billion 744 million yuan (1 trillion and 218 billion 257 million yuan in 11th Five-Year), with an annual average growth rate of over 15%.

The greatest features of this report are foresight and timeliness. A report by a large number of prospective primary market research data analysis, the overall market capacity, in-depth and objective analysis China current material handling equipment manufacturing industry market size, competition pattern and market demand characteristics, and according to the development of material handling equipment manufacturing industry and many years of practical experience, make careful analysis and prediction of development the trend of material handling equipment manufacturing industry in the future. It is a material handling equipment manufacturer, a scientific research institution, a sales company and an investment enterprise, which accurately understand the latest development trend of the industry, grasp market opportunities, make the right business decisions and make clear the direction of the development of enterprises. It is also the first heavy report on the comprehensive and systematic analysis of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the material handling equipment manufacturing industry and the key enterprises in the industry.