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Palletizing Vehicle

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 31, 2017

control system

The operation system of self propelled pallet stacking vehicle requires a high degree of integration. The general requirement is that when the driver's hands do not leave the control handle, he can do most of the operations, such as forward and backward operation, lifting operation, braking operation and so on. For descent control, there are basically two kinds of situations. One is the electric drop control device controlled by electromagnetic valve. The advantage of this way is simple operation, labor saving and fast response. But at the same time, it also has its shortcomings, that is, the impact of the stacking of goods is larger. The other is to control the manual valve through the cable or other structure, so as to achieve the descending action. At present, there are second ways to use more. The self-propelled pallet stacker most, while walking type operation, therefore, this requires the installation of a safety switch in the control handle, i.e. when the vehicle is running back, while the driver behind the blocked and not backward situation, when the safety switch touches the driver body, the vehicle will be automatically converted into moving forward, so as to protect the personal safety of the driver. [1]

driving system

For transmission, most of them are driven by walking motors. According to the relevant national standards, gearboxes with corresponding reduction ratio are adopted. Due to the low walking speed of the vehicle, the two stage deceleration is currently used. For speed control, it is divided into two kinds of speed control and stepless speed regulation, of which the application of stepless speed regulation is more common. The car is mainly operated by manipulating the handle to the driving wheel, and thus the manual steering is realized. General requirements for the steering angle in the range of more than 90 degrees within. [1]