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Operation Method Of Jack

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

1. Before use, it is necessary to check the normal parts.

2. Use should strictly abide by the main parameters of the provisions, should not exceed high overload, otherwise when lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the prescribed, the top of the cylinder will occur serious leakage oil.

3. If the oil quantity of the manual pump is insufficient, the first pump should be added to the N33# hydraulic oil after fully filtration.

4. Electric pumps Please refer to the Manual of electric pump.

5. Weight Center to choose moderate, reasonable choice of the focus of Jack, the bottom to cushion flat, at the same time to take into account the ground soft and hard conditions, whether to pad tough wood, placement is smooth, lest the burden subsidence or tilt.

6. The jack will lift the weight of the top, should be in time to support the heavy weights firmly, prohibit the use of Jack as a support. For long time to support heavy weights please select.

7. If you need a few jacks at the same time lifting, in addition to properly placed Jack, should use a multi-top shunt valve, and each jack should be balanced load, pay attention to keep up the pace of synchronization. Consideration must also be given to situations where the ground may be sunken due to uneven weight, and the danger of being tilted by weights.

8. Use the Quick connector of the manual pump with the top docking, and then choose a good position, the oil pump screw on the tight, can work. To make the piston rod drop, the manual pump handwheel counterclockwise direction slightly loose, the oil cylinder unloading, the piston rod is gradually declining. Otherwise the rate of descent will be dangerous.

9. Separation jack System Spring reset structure, lifting, can be quickly removed, but not connected with the hose to pull the jack.

10. Because the hoisting stroke is small, the user must not exceed the rated stroke, lest damage the jack.

11. The use of the process should avoid the sharp vibration of Jack.

12. Unsuitable for use in workplaces with acid and alkali, corrosive gases.

13. Users should periodically inspect and maintain according to the usage