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Is The UAV, Unmanned Car And Unmanned Barn Competing For Unmanned Logistics

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 15, 2018

"Unmanned logistics" is quietly coming. A robot in the world conference held on the day before, the Jingdong said, intends to apply for in Beijing South six ring surrounding parts of Daxing pilot UAV delivery courier services. Before this, the Jingdong has been with Alibaba, Su Ning together, successively bright out of its own "unmanned storehouse".

The industry believes that the new technology dividend is reshaping the value of logistics. However, at the same time in the development of intelligent logistics, we should also balance the efficiency and cost, do not "unmanned" and "unmanned".

Logistics enterprises contend for "unmanned"

The logistics enterprises in the "unmanned logistics" aspects of the full range of competition, and between Ali and Jingdong especially fierce competition. At the beginning of August, the Jingdong announced in Jiangsu Kunshan enabled unmanned sorting center, its biggest characteristic is, for from the package to the loading, the whole process of unmanned operation. At the same time, Ali's rookie network also announced that its largest robot warehouse in China has been put into use in Huiyang, Guangdong.

Jingdong said the UAV, unmanned vehicles, unmanned warehouse is one of the three pillars of wisdom logistics Jingdong, "the 618 year since the Jingdong UAV has realized daily operations in Suqian, Xi'an, completed within two months of thousands of single distribution tasks, flight mileage of nearly 20 thousand km. Jingdong's self driving vehicle has also been operated in many universities in Beijing, Hangzhou and Xi'an, and intelligent robots have already been put into use in different warehousing and logistics centers.

Liu Dacheng, vice president of Tsinghua University Internet Industry Research Institute pointed out in an interview with reporters, the logistics consists of unmanned unmanned unmanned warehouse and distribution. Although these two concepts are attractive, unmanned warehouses and unmanned distribution are not new, but they used to be only used in a single link.

At present, Google, Amazon, DHL, SF express and DHL WAL-MART are launched UAV delivery business.

And Amazon in 2012 to $775 million acquisition of KIVA System company, the KIVA warehouse robot can lift 3000 pounds of goods, and can quickly move in each aisle.

Liu Dacheng said, "no logistics" has been more and more close to our real life. Ali and Jingdong, such as the reason for the "unmanned logistics" action, the fundamental, is to seize the attention of capital. Logistics unmanned is the trend of development in the future. It merges almost all the hot technologies at present. It is not only the best tool to attract capital aggregation and increase market value, but also one of the best means of competition in logistics industry.

Efficiency and cost depend on the application scenario

The biggest advantage of unmanned logistics, is to improve the efficiency and lower the cost.

According to Jingdong, the Jingdong no warehouse storage efficiency is 5 times higher than the traditional beam shelf storage efficiency. The sorting capacity of Jingdong Kunshan unmanned sorting center can reach 9000 pieces per hour, and the efficiency of the package link is increased by 4 times. Under the premise of the same site size and sorting quantity, each field can save 180 manpower. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can shorten the time of traditional manual delivery several times or even dozens of times, and the cost of logistics is also reduced.

Rookie network also said that in the past the traditional warehouse, consumer orders, pickers need to run to the shelf, goods sorting. Since an order often has several pieces and dozens of goods, the sorting operator needs to run in the warehouse many times, usually only more than 100 pieces of goods are picked up per hour. Now, the pick - up is more than 3 times more per hour than before.

Insiders said that the current logistics industry is facing a new turning point for the network transition from the Internet to the 4 industry, has naturally integrated into the automation of logistics and warehousing. In recent years, the emergence of modern technology such as logistics warehousing automation, intelligent warehouse and so on, has closely linked the original automated modules through information technology, thus bringing the whole physical leap of the logistics industry.

Obviously, the logistics industry is in the transformation and upgrading of new technologies and new models, new formats, the occasion of the new technology is reshaping the China dividend value chain logistics and logistics industry in the new situation.

However, Liu Dacheng believes that the "unmanned logistics" can enhance the efficiency and reduce the cost, also depends on the application situation and the specific operation. "In terms of logistics efficiency, unmanned logistics is more advantageous than manual work, load bearing operations, unprecise handling operations and high-speed identification operations. But unmanned is not omnipotent, especially in dealing with complex jobs, flexible variable jobs, and so on. Therefore, the enterprise can not be unmanned and unmanned. "

In his opinion, "if human and machine is a collaboration, good at, and machine machine are good, will greatly improve the efficiency and reduce the cost."