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Equipment Classification Of Lifting Equipment

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

Lifting equipment According to the structure can be divided into light small lifting equipment, lifts, cranes and overhead monorail system and other categories. Light and small lifting equipment mainly include lifting pulley, hanging tools, Jack, manual hoist, electric hoist and common winch, most of the small size, light weight, easy to use. In addition to electric hoist and winch, the overwhelming majority of human-driven, suitable for the work of heavy occasions. They can be used separately, and some can also serve as lifting mechanisms for cranes. Some light small lifting equipment is very large, such as the lifting capacity of hydraulic jack up to 750 tons. The elevator is mainly vertical or near-vertical lifting movement, with fixed lifting routes, including elevators, lifting units, mine hoist and hopper lifts. Cranes are a multi-action lifting device that lifts up vertically and horizontally carrying heavy weights within a certain range.