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Safety inspection method of eight major components for cranes

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

1. Hook. Check the hook's marking and prevent the device to meet the requirements, the hook has no cracks, stripping and other defects; the wear of the hook section, the increase of the opening degree, the torsion distortion, whether or not excessive; the neck and surface of the hook have no fatigue deformation, cracks and related pins and bushings.

2. Wire rope. The common varieties have phosphate coated steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope and smooth wire rope, need to inspect the wire rope specifications, model and pulley drum match whether meet the design requirements. Steel wire Rope Fixed end of the platen, rope card, block and other wire rope fixing device is the requirements. Wire rope wear, broken silk, kink, compressed, bending, breaking stock, corrosion and so on.

3. Reel. The drum body, the barrel margin has no fatigue crack, breakage and so on; the rope groove and the barrel wall wear is not exceeded; drum flange height and wire rope winding layer can match;

4. Pulley. The pulley is equipped with a rope-proof slot device; pulley rope groove, flange whether there are cracks, broken edges, excessive wear and other conditions, pulley rotation is flexible.

5. Reducer. When the deceleration is running, there are abnormal noises such as friction, vibration and radiation of the shell. Whether the shaft end is sealed intact, the fixing bolt is loose with defects and so on; the lubricating oil selection, oil level, vertical reducer lubricating oil pump operation, open gear transmission lubrication and so on.

6. Wheels. Wheel tread, axle whether there is fatigue crack phenomenon, wheel tread axle wear not exceeded. Whether the phenomenon of gnawing track appears in operation. What causes the gnawing track.