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Operating Procedures for lifting equipment

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

Article 1: A variety of cranes should be installed, marking the mechanical performance of the indicator, and according to the need to install the hoist limiter, load controller, interlock switches and other devices, rail-type cranes should be placed on the walking limit and clamp rails, before use should check the test hang.

Article 2: The Wire rope must be arranged neatly on the reel, the tail is stuck, at least three laps in the work.

Article 3: The performance of cranes shall not be arbitrarily altered.

Article 4: The operation should obey the signal of the conductor, the signal is unclear or may cause the accident should suspend operation.

Article 5: When lifting, no one stays and walks under the weight.

Article 6: Lifting objects should be pulled rope, speed evenly, smooth, prohibit suddenly braking and shifting direction, lifting objects, should be higher than the obstacle 0. 5 meters above, whereabouts should be low-speed, to prevent dumping.

Article 7: When objects are lifted, they are prohibited from standing on the object.

Article 8: Establish a crane maintenance, regular inspection, safety operation system, and educate the relevant personnel to carry out seriously.

Article 9: Bridge Crane should be set up full-time driver driving, there is a person responsible for hook and conductor (need to have operation Certificate). No license to drive and command.

Article tenth: The Crane's duty station should have enough illumination equipment and unblocked transportation channel. Prohibit the hanging from the head over.

11th: The apparent part of the crane indicates the maximum weight, which is forbidden to overload.