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Maintenance and maintenance of lifting table

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

Lifting table maintenance personnel into the lifting of the internal work, must hang lifts to prevent the lifting of the sudden drop in casualties caused by personnel.

A. Inspect roller, intermediate shaft and bearing; oil cylinder pin shaft and bearing; The lubrication degree and wear condition of the hinge shaft and bearing of the boom;

B. The above components are filled with lubricating oils. Prolong the service life of bearings.

C. Check the hydraulic oil and grease level. The lifting table rises to the highest hydraulic oil surface should be higher than the oil bottom 40-50 mm. The hydraulic oil color darkens, oily hair viscosity, or the oil has the gravel and other foreign body, should promptly replace the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic system of lifting platform is applied 32# hydraulic oil.

Year-End Maintenance

A. Inspect the hydraulic and piping connections. The pipe should be replaced immediately after the breakage is loose when the connecting part is tightened.

B. Remove and disassemble the descending valve, with compressed air to blow the spool from the new clothes.

C. Put the hydraulic oil in the tank to open up the tank, remove the oil suction filter, wash back and put the tank, according to the installation in situ. The tank is filled with new oil.