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Daily maintenance and management of cranes

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

1. Daily check. The driver is responsible for the routine maintenance project, the main content is clean sanitation, lubrication transmission parts, adjustment and fastening work. By running the test safety device sensitive reliability, the listening operation has no abnormal sound.

2. Weekly inspection. By the mechanic and the driver, in addition to the daily Inspection project, the main content is the appearance inspection, check the hook, the pickup device, the wire rope, such as the use of security status, brake, clutch, emergency alarm device, reliability, through the operation of the observation transmission parts have no abnormal sound, and overheating phenomena.

3. Monthly check. Organize inspection by the equipment Safety Management department and work with the relevant personnel of the Department, and besides the weekly inspection contents, the main power system of lifting machinery, lifting mechanism, rotary mechanism, operating mechanism, hydraulic system state testing, replacing wear, deformation, cracks, corrosion of components, electrical control system, check the feeder, controller, overload protection, safety protection device is reliable. Inspect the leakage, pressure, temperature, vibration and noise of lifting machinery by test run. The observation on the crane's structure, support, transmission part of the state of subjective detection, understanding of the crane machine technical status, check to determine the abnormal phenomenon of the source of fault.

4. Annual inspection. By the unit leading the organization of equipment Safety Management department Shantou, with the relevant departments to work together, in addition to the monthly inspection project, the main lifting machinery technical parameter testing, reliability test, through the testing apparatus, lifting machinery, the wear of the movement parts of the work mechanism, the metal structure of the weld, test flaw detection, through the safety device and components of the test, lifting equipment operation technical status of evaluation. Arrange overhaul, renovation and renewal plan.