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Brief introduction of warehousing equipment

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

Warehousing equipment is the technical equipment and implements that can satisfy the need of storing and storing goods. It is not only the equipment of housing, locking doors, such as external representations, can be divided into handling equipment and custody equipment, metering equipment, maintenance testing equipment, ventilation and lighting equipment, fire safety equipment, labor protection equipment and other use of equipment and tools.

Warehousing equipment is the main symbol of the level of warehousing and logistics technology, modern warehousing equipment embodies the development of modern warehousing and logistics technology. China's warehousing equipment modernization, high degree of automation, its characteristics mainly manifested in:

1. The degree of socialization of equipment is increasing and the structure of equipment is more and more complex, and the interdependence between the research, design, production and scrap is mutually restrictive.

2. The equipment has emerged "four modernizations" trends, namely, continuous, large-scale, high-speed, electronic, improve productivity.

3. Energy-intensive equipment, the bulk of energy consumption, while modern equipment investment and use is very expensive, is capital-intensive, thus improving the economic efficiency of management of logistics enterprises is very important.