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An overview of pallet stacking trucks

Manhand Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 31, 2017

An overview of pallet stacking trucks

Stacking trucks are divided into manual stacking trucks and electric stacking cars, in which the electric stacker is divided into semi electric and full electric. The utility model is suitable for the operation in narrow passages and limited spaces, and is an ideal tool for loading and unloading pallets and stacking pallets in overhead warehouses, supermarkets, workshops. A stacker is a kind of wheeled freight vehicle for loading and unloading pallets, stacking, stacking and short distance transportation. Stacking trucks, also known as stacker trucks, pallets, pile up cars, international standardization organization ISO/TC110 called industrial vehicles.

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, flexible operation, good micro motion performance and high explosion-proof safety performance. The utility model is suitable for the operation in narrow passages and in limited spaces, and is the ideal equipment for loading and unloading pallets in overhead warehouses and workshops. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile industry, paint, paint, coal and other industries, and the port, railway, freight yard, warehouse containing explosive mixture of places, and it can enter the cabin, car and container for pallet loading and unloading, stacking and handling operations. The operation of the electric stacker can greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, and win the opportunity of market competition for the enterprises. The machine adopts computer program control, stepless speed change, high-quality C steel refining, wide vision portal frame, load 0.5T, maximum lifting height of up to 5.2 meters, load 1T, maximum lifting height of 4.5 meters, load 2T, maximum lifting height of 3 meters,

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